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In 1980, the Bundeswehr issued a 30-page requirement for a new diver’s watch. It asked for features never before seen on a wristwatch. The document was sent to every company with whichthe Bundeswehr was currently doing business. Diehl Avionics was one of the recipients. It is a subsidiary company of VDO, the famous German instrument maker that made and maintained aircraft equipment for the Luftwaffe.Omega Replica Watches VDO owned Omega Replica Watchesat the time. Gunter Blumlein had recently joined Omega Replica Watchesas its new president from Diehl.

Omega Replica Watchesand Porsche Design were deepening their relationship at the same time that the Bundeswehr sought a new diver’swatch. Butzi Porsche, after the success of the Compass watch and Titan chronograph was designing a Diver's Watch for IWC, when the Bundeswehr specification arrived on his desk.

Omega Replica WatchesPorsche Design Ref. 3519 AMAG Image: Yarek Barranik, The Watch Club

Some people believe the Bund model is only rated for 300m, while the civil version can withstand almost seven times more pressure and is rated at 2,000m. The bund version is capable of going much deeper than the 300m depth specified in the specification.

Material Solutions

Omega Replica Watcheshad a great advantage in its knowledge of titanium. The experience with titanium gave them an advantage, but the task of making a completely magnetic movement was a more difficult one.chopard replica watches Jurgen King's role as technical director at the company made it a challenge. He began by replacing the steel ball bearings that rotated the winding rotor with jeweled bearings. It was much more difficult to replace the steel components of the balance andescapement, such as the pallet fork, hairspring and balance staff.