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The hairspring has been replaced with one made of a niobium zirconium alloy. (omega constellation replica watches ) The steel balance staff and pallet fork were replaced with beryllium metal. Although harder than steel it is also more brittle, and due to its hardness causes more wear on the parts of watch that come into contact with it.

The 3519 AMAG watches were tested not only for their depth rating but also for their magnetic properties. This was impossible at Schaffhausen due to the large amount of ferrous metal present in the building (probably from all the machine tools). The magnetic field there was affected. So whenever a batch of 3519 AMAGs needed to betested,Jurgen King and a naval officer would travel toKing's homeinthe country where they were free from all externalinfluencesandthe testing couldproceed virtually unaffected.

The 3519 AMAG was the first (Richard Mille Replica ) fully amagnetic diver's watch in the world. It is also one of the most rare diver's watches ever produced. Between 1984 and 1990, less than 50 examples were made and only a few have left the Bundeswehr's inventory. The 3519 AMAG was the last military diver'swatch built to government specifications. Today, the navies that still use diver's watches purchase off-the shelf production models. They often do not bother to engrave the issue numbers on casebacks. The omega constellation replica watchesBund and the 3519 AMAG are very special because of all these factors.